8028 SIP Doorphone

Firmware Downloads for the 8028 SIP Doorphone

This page provides the files necessary to upgrade your 8028 SIP Doorphone to Firmware Version 2.7.7

    What's new in Firmware Version 2.7.7:

    • Add support for HTTPS provisioning

    What's new in Firmware Version 2.7.4:

    • Improve DTMF detection and alaw CODEC support

    What's new in Firmware Version 2.6.4:

    • Allow configurable STUN server port
    • DTMF improvements
    • Upgrade procedure improvements

    What's new in Firmware Version 2.6:

    • Add Metaswitch Provisioning support

    Follow the steps below in order. **Please do not use Internet Explorer 9 for the upgrade**

    **If running version 1.8 or older, please follow this link for additional instructions**.

    Firmware Upgrade Steps:

    1. Download the files listed below to your PC. Note: file names must remain unchanged.
    2. Open the 8028 web interface and go to the firmware upgrade section. Upload the two Firmware Version 2.7.7 files and click Upgrade.

    Firmware Version 2.7.7

    Firmware Update Notice

    If you wish to receive an email for future firmware updates, please let us know to add you to our list.

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8028 SIP Doorphone


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