3400 Security Intercom System

3410 Rack-Mount Shelf for Algo 3400 Security Intercom System

A component of the Algo 3400 Security Intercom System, the 3410 Shelf can support up to 16 Station or Gateway cards and a single Control Card.

The 3410 shelf is in a standard 3U 19” wide design for rack mounting.


  • Rack mount enclosure holds up to 16 cards plus control card
  • Cards may be any combination of gateway or station cards plus one control card
  • External power supply included
  • Standard 3U 19" shelf
  • Shelves may function independently or up to 64 shelves can be connected together
  • Wiring to each shelf is via four 25-pair Amphenol type connectors

3410 RAck-Mount Shelf