3400 Security Intercom System

3406 Trunk Gateway Card

The 3406 Gateway Card is a component of the Algo 3400 Security Intercom System that interfaces with a single analog telephone or an analog trunk port on a telephone system.

The 3406 generates ring tone, caller ID, and a unique dial tone to distinguish it from a standard connected telephone. The 3406 has a single mechanical relay with software configurable operation that can be used, for example, with Algo's Visual or Audible Alerters.


  • Communicates with one POTS telephone or analog CLID trunk port of a telephone system
  • Up to a maximum of 16 Gateway Cards can be installed in a 3400 system
  • Provides telephone ring, talk battery, and CLID for calling station identification
  • Connected telephone or port may initiate station communication by dialing address or page Intercom Stations by zone selection

3406 Trunk Gateway Card