3228 Station Port FXS Doorphone


Item Description
Interface Connect to FXS gateway or telephone system analog station port
Door Control
Contact Rating Maximum 30 V, 1 Amp
Contact Type 1 Form C; Normally Open and Normally Closed
Duration Programmable, including latch
Activation DTMF, programmable
Auxiliary Power 24 Vdc, current limited to 300mA
Terminal Block Wiring 12-26 AWG
Control Unit (3228 Doorphone Controller)
Number & Type 4 isolated solid state relays
Connection 2.5 mm jack
Voltage Max 30 V SELV
Current Max 50 mA non-inductive
Functions Ring, In-Use, or Message Waiting
Door Station (3201/3202/3203)
Wiring Single pair, normally 24 AWG twisted 1,000 feet (300 m);
Please contact Algo for longer loop lengths.
Dry Contact Output Maximum 30 V, 50 mA switching (programmable function)
Dry Contact Input Contact detected using 24 Vdc 1 mA (programmable function) Maximum resistance 1 kOhm
Operating Temp. -30 to 50 C (-22 to 122 F)
Weather Resistance CSA/UL 3R weather resistant
Call Button Sealed, backlit
Faceplate 304 Stainless Steel (3201); Brass optional (3202); Vandal-Proof (3203)
Method DTMF or USB Port using configuration software
Power Requirement
Typical (idle) 1 Watt
Maximum 10 Watts (Audio active, door contacts using 24 V, 0.3 A auxiliary supply)

Product Dimensions

3228 Controller

3227 Controller Dimensions

3228 FXS Station Port Doorphone


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