3226 Trunk Port FXO Doorphone

Analog Trunk Port FXO Intercom & Doorphone for Visitor Entry - Integrated Door / Gate Control Relay

The 3226 Trunk Port FXO Doorphone is a telephone-integrated door and gate entry security for visitor and guest communication. The intercom integrates door opening control using the convenience of a telephone key pad for activation. The 3226 is fully rated for outdoor use in commercial or residential applications.

The 3226 integrates with a telephone system via an analog trunk (FXO) port. Alternatively the intercom can connect directly to an analog telephone, two line preferred, where one line would be dedicated for intercom calls. The 3226 intercom is full duplex capable, featuring an echo canceller for superior voice quality compared to most analog systems. Convenient single twisted pair wiring to the door station enables fast and easy installation for a new system or retrofit/upgrade of an existing intercom.

The 3226 door control relay can connect to any type of door release, gate activation system or access control panel. The intercom includes a 24V 0.3 A power source for low power 24V DC door strikes (customer provided). Additionally, there are low current programmable inputs and outputs at both control unit and intercom station for door sensing, door unlock switch, door unlock override, auxiliary call buttons, or telephone status such as ringing or in-use.

VIDEO: How To Wire A Door StrikeAlgo Intercom Outside Wall Flush Mount Installation

The 3226 kit includes the following: Door Station with a stainless steel face plate (brass is also available for purchase as a separate item), Controller with power supply, and a bezel for surface mounting. Please note that the Door Station can flush mount into a standard dual gang box. Mounting gaskets are included in the kit for installing the intercom in any outdoor environment.

How it Works

  • Visitors press the backlit call button on the 3226 door station intercom to initiate calling to a pre-configured number
  • Answering the intercom call enables two-way communication with the visitor
  • Accepts a call when calling the doorphone directly
  • Pressing a pre-configured door open code (e.g. digit 6) from the telephone or device (e.g. mobile or wireless phone, soft client on a tablet or laptop) during the intercom call, will activate the 3226 door control relay to allow momentary unlock of the entrance for the visitor to gain access through the door or gate


Single Pair Digital Door Station

  • Digital speech technology provides superior voice quality
  • Single pair 24 AWG wiring up to 1,000 Ft (300 m) between door station and controller for easy new or retrofit installations
  • Initiates or accepts calls
  • Caller Line ID to telephone helps users easily differentiate door calls from a standard call
  • Flush or surface mount (i.e., dual gang)
  • Backlit call button for ease of use during night time hours
  • CSA/UL 3R weather resistant

Security & Safety

  • Door control relay located securely inside the premise at the controller location
  • Available 24V DC, 300 mA strike power
  • Supervised link to door station monitors fault conditions

Auxiliary Relay Inputs & Outputs

  • Programmable relay inputs and outputs at controller and door station for integrating accessories such as: door sensor, doorbell button, card swipe, door chime, loud ringer, strobe, etc.
  • Configurable through software via USB, or by telephone through touch-tone (DTMF) commands

Typical Applications

  • Secure business and institutional entrances such as a school, day care, hospital, delivery entrance, dock, warehouse, man trap, prison, outdoor yard, etc.
  • Access control for a hospital (e.g. ward, lab, etc.), assisted living/retirement home, airport, hotel/resort, casino, etc.
  • Business, institutional and residential gate entrances
  • Intercom for emergency (e.g. elevator) and non-emergency access points (e.g. interview or examination room)

Typical Diagram

Typical Connection Diagram - 3226 FXO Doorphone

3226 Trunk Port FXO Doorphone


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