3004 Door Station

Weather Resistant Door Station Replacement Part for 3006, 3008 and 3026 Legacy Algo Doorphones

The weatherproof 3004 Door Station is an attractive flush mount unit that is a replacement part for Algo’s legacy doorphone products including the 3006/3026 Trunk Port Doorphones and 3008 Station Port Doorphone. A Control Unit is required to operate the 3004 Door Station.

The 3004 features a call button for initiating an intercom call to a telephone or telephone system, separate speaker and microphone for best audio quality, and attractive stainless steel faceplate. Flush wall mounting can be achieved using a standard recessed double gang electrical box or wall opening. Surface mounting can be achieved using a standard surface mount double gang electrical box or Algo’s 3100 wall mount box.

The 3004 Door Station can be located up to 1,000 feet (305m) from the Doorphone control unit using two twisted pair 24AWG telephone wire.

3006/3008/3026 Control Unit replacement parts are no longer available. Replacement products include the Algo 3228 Station Port Doorphone and 3226 Trunk Port Doorphone.

Please note: The 3004 Door Station is NOT compatible with neither the 3226 or 3228 doorphones, nor is it compatible with the Nortel BST Doorphone.

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