ECR Enterprise Call Recording

Call Recording Ideal Business Tool for Leading Insurance Agency

Mike Kropp, a long-time insurance agency owner in Kerrville, Texas, uses Algo's Enterprise Call Recorder on his office's Nortel Norstar telephone system to verify important conversations, avoid disputes, provide learning experiences for his staff, and improve interactions with clients and service providers. "The best thing about the Algo system is that we can quickly and easily find the recorded conversations and play them back. It's powerful", says Mike.

A Solution for Avoiding Disputes

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The potential for disputes in the insurance business is ever-present and the stakes can get quite high. According to Mike, the main motivation to get a call recording system for his agency was to avoid the age-old problem of "He said - She said". With a call recording system in place and active all the time, Mike says these types of problems clear up very quickly.

"What happens often is that people will say that they could have sworn they asked for comprehensive and collision coverage but in fact, they did just the opposite. In these cases, we can tell them 'Well, we've got this recording on January 3rd at 3:30pm when you called in and what you said was that you didn't want full coverage, that you didn't want comp and collision.' So having an actual record of the conversation puts us in a much better position. It's very hard to dispute."

Verifying Conversations - It Works Both Ways

Recording conversations doesn't always absolve his agency, but that's fine with Mike. In a recent incident, a client of the agency had an accident and it was discovered afterwards that the appropriate coverage was missing. However, the client insisted that they had requested this specific coverage and a review of the recorded conversation of the original transaction proved the client right. "That's exactly what I want", Mike says. "If we owe it, we want to pay it. It helps us get better, so it works both ways."

Helpful Learning Experiences & Ensuring Professionalism

Another benefit of the Algo Call Recording system is for continuous learning and improvement. In one example, a client informed Mike that one of his staff had sounded unprofessional on the telephone and that she appeared to be very unsure of herself. So, Mike asked her into his office and let her know what the client had said. He then invited her to listen to the call record herself. She returned later and agreed with the client's comments, undoubtedly with more motivation to work on her phone manner and insurance knowledge.

The call recorder is also a powerful way to ensure telephone conversations are kept professional at all times. As an example, Mike says that somebody might call and complain that one of the staff was rude to them over the phone. Mike can then listen to the conversation to see for himself. Or, in another case, if one of the agency's adjusters is rude to the staff he might call that adjuster's supervisor and say, "I've got it on recording - would you like for me to send it to you?"

An Ideal Tool for Insurance Agents

An insurance agent since 1981, Mike knows the insurance industry inside and out. Would he recommend such a system to other insurance agents? "Oh definitely, I think that anybody who's been in the insurance business for any length of time is going to have the problem of verifying information - and this is the way to do it." Mike adds, "Installing this system was one of the best things I've done and I'd do it again."

Since about half of the Agency business is conducted over the telephone, the Algo Call Recording system is an important part of Mike's operations. Installed on the office's existing Nortel Norstar telephone system, Algo's Enterprise Call Recording System is currently monitoring eleven telephone lines. The Algo system uses a central PC to act as a call server and no software is needed on any of the telephone agent's computers, thus avoiding any conflicts with the agency's computer network.


Algo's ECR (Enterprise Call Recorder) Solution provides multi-user, supervisor monitoring, and centralized multi-channel call recording capability for Algo's suite of hardware interface products for Nortel digital and analog telephones.


. . .anybody who's been in the insurance business for any length of time is going to have the problem of verifying information. And this is the way to do it. Installing this system was one of the best things I've done and I'd do it again."

Mike Kropp
Insurance Agency Owner
Kerrville, TX