ECR Enterprise Call Recorder

Home-Based Call Recording for the Financial Community Protects Agents and Customers

Richard Marier is an Algo reseller in Laval, Quebec that specializes in call recording solutions for major financial institutions like banks, credit unions, brokerages, and investment firms. According to Marier, a major challenge these organizations face is ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial transactions that occur between their home-based sales reps and their customers. For this challenge, Marier says, the flexibility and scalability of Algo’s Enterprise Call Recording (ECR) System has allowed him to create cost-effective solutions.

Home-based financial agents use the Algo ECR Call RecorderTriggered by a recent major scandal in the investment community in Quebec, financial institutions in the Montreal region, and particularly their home-based sales representatives, are introducing measures that better protect the interests of their customers and their agents when handling important transactions. One such measure is ensuring that all telephone conversations are recorded and archived so that these can be readily retrieved in the case of a dispute or question.

"Financial sales reps want to protect themselves because most of the transactions involve a lot of money and are done over the phone without a signature", says Marier. “Miscommunication happens all the time and it can be expensive to correct."

Most of the customers Marier works with are home-based sales representatives of the large financial institutions. Typically these home operations involve anywhere from one to five employees, each of whom may handle anywhere from 50 to 150 calls per day. According to Marier, about half of these operations have standard analog telephones and the other half are equipped with very small Nortel digital systems.

Using the ECR system, agents record each conversation, then save that audio record into the customer’s file with other related documents. They then transmit the documents to the company's main server through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Alternatively, some agents transmit the records by e-mail using the ECR Software’s "right-click" e-mail function.

“Whenever there is a problem or dispute with a transaction, they simply pull up the file, review it and send a copy to the customer”, says Marier. “The ECR System solves a lot of problems”.

According to Marier, the flexibility and scalability of the Algo ECR system is important to meeting the needs of a home-based operation. For the analog systems, Marier uses Algo 4105 Analog AuxBoxes. For the Nortel systems, he uses Algo 4102 Digital AuxBoxes and, for some larger systems, is also installing the Algo 4210 ECR Shelfwhich is scaleable from one to 16 telephones.

For the one or two person sales operations, the AuxBoxes are typically used with Algo’s Client Call Recorder Software which provides a single-user solution that stores call records on the PC that is being used. However, Marier is seeing more and more customers preferring the multi-user ECR system which provides a centralized method of storing and managing call records.

“Some customers are reluctant at first to dedicate an extra PC to serve as a call server, but once they see how it works, they realize how beneficial the multi-user system is, especially in terms of storing and retrieving records”.


Whenever there is a problem or dispute with a transaction, they simply pull up the file, review it and send a copy to the customer. The ECR System solves a lot of problems”.

Richard Marier
Algo Reseller
Laval, Quebec