ECR Enterprise Call Recorder

Centrex Call Recording System Improves Training Effectiveness and Quality in Government Call Center

The State of Arkansas's Office of Child Support Enforcement uses Algo's Centrex-compatible Enterprise Call Recording System to monitor and record incoming calls in the call center of their Child Support Clearinghouse. According to Peggy Dendy, Customer Service Manager for the Clearinghouse, the Algo system has greatly enhanced training effectiveness, improved service quality, and saved significant supervisory time over their previous QC and training methods that relied on live call monitoring and periodic tape recording.

"It's an answer to prayer", says Peggy about the Algo call recording system. "Since 2002, we had wanted a recorder that would work with our Centrex telephones, but we had difficulty finding something that was compatible. When our telephone system provider, Windstream Communications, told us of the Algo solution, we knew we had the answer."

"We're very pleased with the records the system gives us. It has improved the quality of our service we offer. Now, all of our reps know that calls are being recorded and that makes them more conscious of how they are doing. The call records also show up in their performance reviews." Peggy adds that the reps like the system. "Before, when a customer complaint came in, it would just be the word of the customer versus the word of the rep. Now we are finding that the call records very often exonerate the employee and back them up. And they appreciate that."

The Algo system supplements the live call monitoring system Peggy's department currently uses. "Our only option before was to monitor calls as they happened. It was time-consuming and hard to be effective. You had to sit in with the service rep and you couldn't do anything else. It was also not very useful for quality control or training purposes. For example, we could listen in on a call and form an opinion as whether the rep was rude, or used an incorrect tone of voice, or didn't properly address the person, but when the call ended, very often the rep would not agree that there was a problem - and we had no record of the call to review again with them."

Peggy adds that she has also recorded calls periodically using a cassette tape recorder. However, the system was cumbersome to use and the effectiveness was poor. "I had to randomly pick a line to record and my phone had to be activated to the live call. Also, the audio quality on the cassette tapes wasn't very good." To manage the tape recordings, Peggy labeled each one with the details of the call and soon had a drawer full of tapes. Peggy also says that when she recorded calls using the tape recorder she had to close the door to her office which signaled to all the reps that she was recording. "It wasn't an ideal method", says Peggy.

The Child Support Clearinghouse is responsible for receipting and disbursing child support payments, and it is within that division that Peggy's department answers questions from the entire State of Arkansas. For the month of June, 2007, they received 6,696 calls that were routed and processed by their seven service reps. All calls were automatically recorded by the Algo ECR system to a single PC hard drive.

The Algo system is installed on the Clearinghouse's Meridian Digital Centrex telephone system and uses ten Algo 5006 Centrex AuxBox call recorders together with Algo's ECR Software to provide a fully-automated and centralized telephone recording system.

The Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration's Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is responsible for the delivery of child support services throughout the state. OCSE assists both individuals and employers with information and services pertaining to child support laws and consists of about 800 employees whose work is crucial to the collection and disbursement of support payments for tens of thousands of children.

The Algo 5006 Centrex AuxBox is a state-of-the-art digital call recording solution for Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC) M5000 and M6000 telephone systems. Algo's ECR Enterprise Call Recording Software provides a scalable, cost effective, and full featured call recording solution for small enterprise applications. Supporting up to 32 telephones, Algo's multi-user solution is compatible with all Algo recording interfaces supporting TDM digital telephones for Nortel Norstar, Business Communications Manager (BCM), Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000) systems, in addition to Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC), and analog telephones.


We're very pleased with the records the Algo system gives us. Before, when a customer complaint came in, it would just be the word of the customer versus the word of the rep. Now we are finding that the call records very often exonerate the employee and back them up. And they appreciate that."

Peggy Dendy
Customer Service Manager
Child Support Clearinghouse
State of Arkansas