ECR Enterprise Call Recording System

Comparison with Client Call Recorder (CCR) Software

Software Features
Client Call Recorder
Version 2.3
Enterprise Call Recorder
Version 2.1.0

User Capabilities and Features

Automatic or On-Demand Call Recording
On-Demand Call Recording telephone key or software activated
Manually save call anytime during call
Manually "post-save" feature for last call
Simultaneous station call recording on a single PC
Up to 32
Call record playback with volume control
E-mail call records directly from software
Editable comment field per call record (i.e. 200 characters)
Call records may be moved, copied, or drag and dropped to other locations
Search/Sort call records by date, duration, Set display, comments, call type or user
Missed call detail
Call duration timer
Protect flag to prevent call record deletion
Export call data to Excel spreadsheet
Statistics generation for selected time period including average call duration, number of inbound and outbound calls, number of missed calls

Call Record management

Automatically archive call records to monthly folders
Limit call records by disk space, number of calls, age of calls
Supports local cache of call records if network storage location unavailable
Mapped drive database
"No record" filter for up to 10 alphanumeric strings
Windows Media Audio (WMA) Recording Format: 3MB & 5 MB per hour
WAV Recording Format
(8kHz 16 bit 60MB per hour)

Supervisor capabilities

Call record control feature (remotely initiate or stop recording on ECR stations or to change recording modes)
Live call monitoring
System overview monitoring showing telephone in-use and Call Display
Notification of telephone disconnected
Ability to hide recording icon in taskbar

Privileges and Security

Multiple user accounts
Password-protected call records
Username and password login
User delete call record capability
User change settings capability
User edit display information capability Enable/Disable
User playback of call record capability
User E-mail call record capability


4102 Digital AuxBox
Up to 32
4105 Analog AuxBox
Up to 32
4210 ECR Shelf (16 Digital AuxCards/shelf)
Two shelves
5006 Centrex AuxBox
Up to 32

ECR Enterprise Call Recording