ECR Enterprise Call Recording System

Comprehensive Feature List

Software Compatibility

Algo's ECR Software is a certified Nortel Norstar, BCM, Meridian 1, and Communication Server 1000-compatible product, as tested by Nortel engineers.

Comprehensive Features List


Scaleable Architecture

  • Supports 1 to 32 telephones
  • Seamless support for multiple telephone technologies into one integrated system
  • Supports unlimited users
  • Uses standard Windows-based PC for a Call Server
  • Wizard-based configuration tool streamlines LAN user and station setup
  • Supports centralized and distributed (desktop) hardware configurations
  • Supports individual station visual and audible telephone alerting features

Telephone /Hardware Compatibility

Compatible with:

  • 4210 Call Recording Shelf & compatible telephones:
    • Norstar / BCM
    • Meridian 1 / CS 1000
  • 4102 Digital AuxBox
  • 5006 Centrex AuxBox & Centrex (MDC) telephones
  • 4105 Analog AuxBox with support for all analog telephones

Call Record Management

  • Automatically archive all files to separate monthly folders
  • Call Record management capabilities:
    • Limit records by disk space
    • Limit records by call quantity
    • Limit records by age
    • Protect feature prevents auto deletion of specified files
  • For distributed LAN-based implementation, calls cached locally if server unavailable
  • All calls are stored on central server for easy retrieval and backup
  • Move and copy files
  • Supports drag and drop out of software into other applications
  • Ability to import call records if upgrading from previous versions of call recording software

User Capabilities

  • Call record playback with pause, progress timer, and volume slider
  • System detects:
    • In-use indication
    • Message waiting
    • Ring
    • Phone line disconnected
    • Real-time call display information
  • Missed call notification with Caller ID and timestamp
  • Add comments during or after completion of call recording
  • Call duration timer
  • Ability to edit Set Display data
  • Search call records by incoming, outgoing, Call Display, date, time, call duration, comment text, and user station
  • E-mail call records directly from software
  • Calls can be sorted by call type, Call Display, date, time, comment text, and user station
  • Export call data to Excel spreadsheet
  • Statistical summaries: total number of calls, average call duration, in-bound vs. outbound call volume; by station, or summary for entire system

Audio Recording

  • Configurable automatic or on-demand recording of calls
  • On-demand recording can be initiated by a user-programmable hot-key on telephone or in software
  • Post-Save option for On-Demand recording allows capture of entire call data any time during a call and even after call completion
  • Multiple audio formats WAV or compressed WMA
  • WAV audio format provides uncompressed (highest possible quality) files
  • Multiple WMA compression options for quality and disk space optimization
  • USB data transfer for perfect audio quality

Supervisor Capabilities

  • Live call monitoring
  • System overview interface shows off-hook status, Call Display, and phone line/USB disconnect for all stations simultaneously and in real-time
  • Discrete monitoring without user notification

Privileges & Security

  • Ability to create user accounts with various security privilege options
  • Multiple supervisor accounts, each with access to calls from a different set of stations (e.g. can restrict supervisors to calls within own departments)
  • Centralized architecture capability allows for secure location of AuxBoxes and Server
  • User lock-out features:
    • Prevent deletion of calls
    • Prevent set display modification
    • Prevent changing of user settings
    • Prevent listening to calls
    • Prevent call playback of other user's calls
  • Lock a call to protect privacy

ECR Enterprise Call Recording

Nortel Compatible Product


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