3400 Security Intercom System

June 01, 2018 Discontinuation Notice:

This product has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured. Technical support is no longer available. The information presented on this page is for reference purposes only.

For more information, please contact Algo.

3400 Security Intercom System

The Algo 3400 Security Intercom System is an advanced digital communication solution for security, safety, and access control applications. Up to 2,048 intercom stations may be located indoors or outdoors for employee or public use to request assistance, door access, or communicate with security personnel or care-givers.

The 3400 Security Intercom System integrates with existing telephone equipment for a cost effective, flexible, and high reliability solution. The 3400 System is self monitoring for alarm conditions such as wiring faults and is easily configured and optionally monitored from a single computer port using 3400 software. The system supports station dialing, paging, multiple simultaneous calls, door access control, auxiliary relay inputs and outputs, CLID station identification, and numerous configuration options.

Note: 3400 System Software is only compatible with Windows XP

Key System Features

  • Up to 16 gateway ports (analog CLID trunk ports)
  • Up to 16 simultaneous conversations
  • Up to 2,048 single pair digital intercom stations
  • Superior hands-free voice technology
  • Significantly reduces telephone port requirements
  • Station provides audible and visual call confirmation
  • Gateway-to-station dialing capability
  • Call queuing and programmable load sharing for even call distribution
  • Programmable Caller ID (CLID) message per station
  • Paging feature with 99 zones and all call
  • Weather resistant station design with backlit call button
  • External switch input at station for call input (i.e. elevator button or pull cord)
  • Serial communication port for 3400 System Software
  • Fault alarm reporting (relay contact, LED indication, email message)
  • Digital programmable volume control


  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Elevators
  • Parking garages
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Casinos
  • Prisons

3400 Security Intercom System