3106 Door Control Module

November 02, 2010 Discontinuation Notice:

This product has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured. Technical support is no longer available. The information presented on this page is for reference purposes only.

For more information, please contact Algo.

Door Release Latch Driver for Doorphone Systems

The Algo 3106 Door Control Module provides door release control for Algo's 3006 Trunk Port and 3008 Station Port Doorphone systems. When connected to one of these systems, the module provides normally open and normally closed contacts activated (through DTMF) by a touch-tone telephone.

The 3106 is a new revision of the product formerly called the "Latch Driver". DTMF code is programmable and multiple units may be connected.

Ordering Information

Description Model Number
3106 Door Control Module 3106


Item Description
Doorphone System Compatibility
Algo 3006 Trunk Port Doorphone Algo 3008 Station Port Doorphone

3106 Door Control Module