3008 Station Port Doorphone

May 03, 2012 Discontinuation Notice:

This product has been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured. Technical support is no longer available. The information presented on this page is for reference purposes only.

For more information, please contact Algo.

3008 Station Port Doorphone

Note: The 3008 Station Port Doorphone has been replaced by part no. 3228.

The Algo 3008 Station Port Doorphone connects to an analog station port and simulates a single line telephone set, allowing intercom communication through the telephone.

The 3008 Doorphone is provided in kit form and is comprised of the 3007 Control Unit, 3004 Door Station, and the 3242 Power Supply.

Voice communication is established by ringing the doorphone port or pressing the call button which initiates an off-hook condition and relies on routing provided by the host telephone system. Disconnect is achieved by time out or monitoring the loop current for disconnect supervision.


  • Connects to analog station port of telephone system
  • Full two-way speaker phone in door station provides excellent hands-free communications
  • Call button on door station for easy one-touch calling to internal phone
  • Disconnect achieved by time out or monitoring of loop current
  • Selectable ring cadence and number of ring cycles
  • Optional door release available (Model 3106 Door Control Module)
  • Power supply included

Ordering Information

Included in the 3008:

Description Model Number
Control Unit 3007
Door Station 3004
Power Supply 3242

Optional Accessories:

Description Model Number
Door Control Module 3106
Surface Mount Box 3100
Prison Door Station 3104

3008 Station Port Doorphone