3006 Trunk Port Doorphone

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November 02, 2010 Note:

This product may still be available and is supported - but no longer recommended for new installations.

Instead, please see the 3226 Trunk Port FXO Doorphone now available.

3006 Trunk Port Doorphone

The Algo 3006 Trunk Port Doorphone connects to a dedicated telephone system trunk port or single line telephone for intercom communication through the telephone. The doorphone is provided in kit form which consists of the 3005 Control Unit, the 3004 Door Station, and the 3242 Power Supply. All options and controls are factory set to allow for a quick installation of simple wire connections.

Pressing the call button of the door station initiates ringing into the telephone system. The ring cadence and number of ring cycles are selectable with this doorphone. A high quality speakerphone circuit provides excellent voice quality and hands-free communication. Door release through the telephone can be achieved with the optional 3106 Door Control Module ("latch driver") which provides relay contacts that operate from DTMF command.

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Included in the 3006:

Description Product Code
Control Unit 3005
Door Station 3004
Power Supply 3242

Optional accessories:

Description Product Code
Door Control Module 3106
Surface Mount Box 3100
Prison Door Station 3104

3006 Trunk Port Doorphone