1825PM Duet Plus Loud Ringer

1825 Duet Plus Application Notes and Compatibility

The 1825 Duet Plus Loud Ringer can be used with a wide range of telephones whether analog or digital.

For specific Office Ringer and Loud Ringer functionality with M2000, M3900, M7000, and T7000 terminals, the following application notes are provided (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format):

(If you not sure which Nortel telephone model or system you have, please refer to our Nortel Telephone Identifier Chart or contact Algo Support)

Telephone Model / System Application Note
M2006 AN-0105
M2008 AN-0105
M2216 AN-0105
M2616 AN-0105
M2250 Console AN-0109
M3901 AN-0106
M3902 AN-0107
M3903 AN-0107
M3904 AN-0108
M3905 AN-0107
M7100 AN-0100
M7208 AN-0101
M7310 AN-0101
M7324 AN-0101

T7100 AN-0100
T7316 AN-0101
T7208 AN-0101
T7406 AN-0110

Analog Trunk AN-0102
Analog Station AN-0102
AuxRing Contacts AN-0103
Norstar Doorphone AN-0104

IP Phone 2002 AN-0113
IP Phone 2004 AN-0113

1825 Duet Plus Loud Ringer