1825 Duet Plus Loud Ringer

Pleasant Sound of Algo Duet Plus Loud Ringers Prove Effective for Hospital and Hotel Applications

Xeta Technologies, an Oklahoma-based enterprise telecommunications company, uses Algo’s 1825 Duet Plus for a variety of telephone loud ringing applications. According to Mark Rushing, Product Manager, the Duet Plus’s ability to be triggered by a variety of input signals - and its pleasant sounding low frequency warble - have made it very popular tool for solving customer problems.

In a recent installation, Xeta used Duet Plus ringers for a “Labor Alert” system at a local Hospital's Obstetrics / Gynecology clinic. Installed in five different locations throughout the facility, the units were set to ring when expectant women called in to report labor pains. A key factor for choosing the Duet Plus ringers was the need for a highly noticeable but “non-jarring” sound.

“The hospital wanted to make sure that the women, most of whom were 8-1/2 to 9 months pregnant, were not startled when the ringers went off”, says Rushing. “The Algo units have a very noticeable tone but it's pleasant-sounding and not obnoxious”. Another key to the installation was the Duet Plus’s seamless compatibility with the existing Nortel BCM telephone system, making the integration easy. "The Duet is so flexible, it's sort of like the "Swiss Army knife" of ringers", says Rushing. "It's Nortel-compatible but it also can be activated by dry contact, low voltage, or 90V ringing - making it a pretty versatile solution for our customers."

Duet Plus Ringer Hotel ApplicationIn another Xeta application, a major celebrity at a local hotel complained of being unable to hear the telephones in his large penthouse suite. The hotel responded by installing Gong-type ringers, but the sound of these ringers proved too annoying for the hard-of-hearing guest. “They sounded horrible”, says Rushing. Xeta solved the problem by removing the offending ringers and installing the Duet Plus units instead.


XETA Technologies, a Nortel Networks Elite Advantage Partner, is a specialist in enterprise-class communications solutions, installation and service. Located in Broken Arrow, OK, XETA’s competencies include call accounting systems, converged communications, Voice Over Internet Protocol solutions and data delivery.

The Algo 1825 Duet Plus is a high performance low frequency loud ringer compatible with dry contact closure, analog telephones, and Nortel Digital Telephones including Norstar, Business Communication Manager (BCM), Meridian 1, and Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000). Loud ringing can be activated by dry contact closure (relay contacts), low voltage detection, 90V analog telephone ringing, or any Nortel TDM Digital Business Telephone.

1825 Duet Plus Loud Ringer

The Duet is so flexible, it's like the "Swiss Army knife" of ringers. It's Nortel-compatible but it also can be activated by dry contact, low voltage, or 90V ringing - a versatile solution for our customers."

Mark Rushing
Product Manager
XETA Technologies
Broken Arrow, OK