1127 Visual Alerter

Application Notes and Compatibility

The 1127 Visual Alerter can be used with a wide range of telephones whether analog or digital. For specific Desktop Visual Light indication of Message Waiting, Ring, and In-Use events with M2000, M3900, M7000, and T7000 terminals, the following application notes are provided (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format):

(If you have trouble identifying which telephone model or system you have, please refer to our visual telephone identifier page or contact Algo Support)

Model / System
Desktop Visual Light Indication Application
Message Waiting
M2006 AN-0505 AN-0400 AN-0603
M2008 AN-0505 AN-0400 AN-0603
M2216 AN-0505 AN-0400 AN-0603
M2616 AN-0505 AN-0400 AN-0603
M2250 Console AN-0607   AN-0607
M3901 AN-0506 AN-0400 AN-0600
M3902 AN-0507 AN-0400 AN-0604
M3903 AN-0507 AN-0400 AN-0604
M3904 AN-0508 AN-0400 AN-0605
M3905 AN-0507 AN-0400 AN-0604
M7100 AN-0500 AN-0400 AN-0600
M7208 AN-0501 AN-0400 AN-0600
M7310 AN-0501 AN-0400 AN-0600
M7324 AN-0501 AN-0400 AN-0600

T7100 AN-0500 AN-0400 AN-0600
T7316 AN-0501 AN-0400 AN-0600
T7208 AN-0501 AN-0400 AN-0600
T7406 AN-0608 AN-0608 AN-0608

Analog Trunk AN-0502 AN-0403 AN-0601
Analog Station AN-0502    
AuxRing Contacts AN-0503    
Norstar Doorphone AN-0504   AN-0602

IP Phone 2002 AN-0515   AN-0611
IP Phone 2004 AN-0515   AN-0611

1127 Visual Alerter


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