8128 SIP Strobe Light

SIP Strobe Light, IP Strobe, SIP Alerting

The 8128 SIP Strobe Light is a SIP compliant PoE high intensity strobe light for alerting and notification of telephone, emergency, safety, and security events.

High intensity LEDs provide extended life over Xenon type strobes and more luminance with less energy.

360 x 180 visibility and flash pattern options make these strobes suitable for practically any notification application.


  • Network managed SIP endpoint
  • Match the aggressiveness of the flash pattern to your needs
  • Notification without audible noise
  • Notification in noisy environments or for the hearing impaired
  • Long range visibility from any angle
  • Life expectancy 200 times longer than Xenon strobe, will have zero light degradation for at least 34 years of continuous use
  • PoE eliminates need for local power supply


  • Selectable, preloaded flash patterns and intensities
  • SIP compliant endpoint
  • Multicast receive or broadcast capability
  • Available colored lens cap kit
  • Light splashes onto wall or ceiling for enhanced visibility
  • Mounts to double gang box or any flat surface
  • Up to 198 candela luminous intensity
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Connection via RJ45 Ethernet Jack - PoE 802.3af


  • Ring notification in noisy environments
  • ADA compliance
  • Multicast wide area mass notification
  • Security alerting
  • OSHA compliance

8128 SIP Strobe Light


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