Algo IP System Overview & Use Cases for Education

School Paging, Bell Scheduling, Emergency Alerting & Entrance Security Communication in K12 and Higher Education

Updated October 20, 2019

Summary of Contents
Introduction Use Case #4 - Legacy Analog Zone Paging Use Case #10 - Visitor Entry: Audio/Video Intercom
Algo IP Endpoint Portfolio Use Case #5 - IP Zone Paging Use Case #11 - Example System Deployment
Benefits of an Algo IP System Solution Use Case #6 - Multi-Site Paging & Alerting Additional Resources
Use Case #1 - Legacy Analog: Paging & Alerting Use Case #7 - Emergency Alerting: Push Button Order Guide
Use Case #2 - Hybrid (Analog & IP): Paging & Alerting Use Case #8 - Bell Scheduler & Music
Use Case #3 - IP: Paging & Alerting Use Case #9 - Visitor Entry: Audio Intercom



K12 schools, colleges and universities require open standard network-based technology for building and campus communications to integrate with hosted / cloud or premise-based VoIP telephone systems. Leveraging the UC environment allows maximum flexibility for any telephone or device to efficiently initiate day-to-day public address announcements, manage bell scheduling, provide notification for emergency alerting, and support visitor communication at secure entrance doors, gates and other access points.

Algo IP endpoints are 3rd party SIP compliant. These devices eliminate the limitations of an ATA or FXS port, and provide convenient web-based network management and supervision. All the endpoints are multicast scalable, and can be deployed to cover any size building or campus. Common central provisioning protocols are supported, as well as TLS and SRTP.

The Algo product portfolio includes a variety of Wideband HD Voice speakers (wall / ceiling / horn), paging adapters, strobe lights and push buttons. These endpoints support applications for voice paging and emergency alerting, as well as bell scheduling for automating tones and announcements. Algo doorphone / intercoms are audio and video capable for visitor communication and secure entry using any telephone or device.

Algo products meet the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard, ANSI/NEMA SB 40-2015 Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools. This standard covers the application, installation, location, performance, and maintenance of school emergency communications systems and their components.

Algo IP Endpoint Portfolio


IP Speakers & Strobes – Voice Paging, Emergency Alerting & Loud Ringing

Classroom 8190 & 8190S SIP Classroom Speaker-Clock
Classroom, Kitchen, Staff Room 8180 SIP Audio Alerter
Classroom, Hallway, Cafeteria, Library, Office, Common Area 8188 & 8189 SIP Ceiling Speakers       
Gymnasium, Workshop, Playground 8186 SIP Horn Speaker
Visual alerting for emergency notification & telephone ringing 8128 SIP Strobe Light

IP Paging Adapters & Bell Scheduler – Integrate Legacy Analog Amplifier, Bells & Music

Bridge to a single analog amplifier with single zone 8301 Paging Adapter & Scheduler
Bridge to a single analog amplifier with multiple zones 8373 Zone Paging Adatper (3)

IP Doorphones / Intercoms – Entrance Doors, Gates & Access Points

Audio only with door control relay 8028 SIP Doorphone & 8201 SIP PoE Intercom       
Audio – video with door control relay 8036 SIP Multimedia Intercom & 8039 SIP Video Intercom       

Endpoint Monitoring & Supervision

Centralized IP endpoint monitoring 8300 Controller


Benefits of an Algo IP System Solution


Features Benefits
Web Configuration & Central Provisioning ROI:
  • 1. Less time to deploy, provision and troubleshoot reduces IT staff resources and outside contractor labor costs.
  • 2. Where legacy analog paging systems can be time-consuming and costly to re-configure page zones, web-based management of IP devices means no re-wiring of speakers to meet the regular changes that can occur in schools.
    Note: Supported protocols include: auto-provisioning (i.e., TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS), TLS & SRTP (secure SIP signalling and media), SIP over TCP, DNS SRV Record, and CDP/LLDP automatic VLAN assignment.
Network Supervision SNMP support to monitor endpoint registration and minimize fault conditions, Algo 8300 Controller.
G.722 Wideband Support Higher intelligibility and greater clarity of voice page announcements. Algo IP speakers meet STI-PA requirements of NEMA SB40 and other regulations for speech intelligibility.
Ambient Noise Monitoring Automatic volume control using built-in speaker microphone measures background noise to better address areas in a school such as hallways and cafeteria where ambient noise levels can vary greatly throughout the day. This ensures better reliability of the speaker to delivery page and emergency announcements at appropriate volume levels.
Multiple Extension Registration Options Multiple Ring (10), Emergency Alert (10) and Page (50) extensions are available to register in the 8180G2/8186/8188/8189 speakers and the 8301 Paging Adapter, allowing for multi-functional use of the endpoints for voice paging, loud ringing and emergency/safety/security notification and alerting.
Multicast & Page Zones
  • 1. Using the IP network, simultaneously broadcast to any number of Algo audible / visual endpoints and supported IP telephones.
  • 2. No limit to scale of solution over LAN/WAN to cover any size room, building or campus.
  • 3. Minimized SIP licensing to generally only one endpoint, which is configured to Send a multicast. No registration is required for any devices configured to Receive a multicast.
  • 4. No paging server or PC-based software required. Multicast capability within the Algo endpoint. Simplified hardware requirements and BOM.
  • 5. Multicast support for a choice of protocols including RTP, Polycom Group Page, InformaCast and SA-Announce, allowing for simultaneous broadcast to Algo speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights and supported IP telephones.
  • 6. Simple web configuration to group any number of endpoints (speakers, strobes, paging adapters and supported IP telephones) into page zones.
  • 7. Small to large page zones easily accommodated, allowing for paging to specific speakers (e.g. classroom), if desired.
Talkback Speakers Built-in speaker microphone supports talkback during a voice page call, e.g. classroom. Note: Talk back not available on a multicast Receiver speaker.
Firmware Upgradeable Easily upgrade endpoint remotely via the network. Minimal touch appliance.
Consolidated Single Source Solution Speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights, push buttons and doorphone/intercoms can be deployed in any number as part of one UC integrated system.
Flexible Deployment The endpoints are capable of being deployed individually without extra hardware, allowing for maximum flexibility to stage production of devices over time to meet budgetary requirements.
Improved Workflows, Efficiencies & Safety/Security Any combination of endpoints can meet day-to-day public address announcements, notification and emergency communication of safety and security alerts, and visitor communication at entrance doors, gates, etc.
PoE Convenience of integrated power via network switch (48V, IEEE802.3af, Class 0). No separate amplifier required for IP speakers.
Network Wiring One wiring infrastructure (CAT5/6) for easier system management.
SIP Open standard protocol. 3rd party SIP compliant endpoints are supported on most VoIP communication platforms (cloud / hosted or premise-based).


Use Cases


Use Case #1 - Legacy Analog: Paging & Emergency Alerting

Algo Legacy Analog: Paging & Emergency Alerting


Use Case #2 - Hybrid (Analog & IP): Paging & Emergency Alerting

Algo Hybrid (Analog & IP): Paging & Emergency Alerting


Use Case #3 - IP: Paging & Emergency Alerting

Algo IP: Paging & Emergency Alerting


Use Case #4 - Legacy Analog Zone Paging

Algo Legacy Analog Zone Paging


Use Case #5 - IP Zone Paging

Algo IP Zone Paging


Use Case #6 - Multi-Site Paging & Emergency Alerting

Algo Multi-Site Paging & Emergency Alerting


Use Case #7 - Emergency Alerting: Push Button

Al goEmergency Alerting: Push Button


Use Case #8 - Bell Scheduler & Music

Algo Bell Scheduler & Music


Use Case #9 – Visitor Communication & Entry: Audio Intercom

Algo Visitor Communication & Entry: Audio Intercom


Use Case #10 - Visitor Communication & Entry: Audio/Video Intercom

Algo Visitor Communication & Entry: Audio/Video Intercom


Use Case #11 Example School System Deployment

Algo Example School System Deployment


Additional Resources