Algo and Avaya

Algo is an Avaya DevConnect Partner offering compliant IP solutions for IPO, CS1K and Aura Communication Manager as 3rd party SIP endpoints. The products support solutions for voice paging, bell scheduling, visual and audible alerting and notification, customer and emergency assistance, and security intercom. Algo has been developing compatible hardware and software solutions for Nortel Enterprise Solutions (NES), and now AvayaAvaya DevConnect Technology Parter, for more than two decades.

More than one million Algo endpoints are deployed globally.


Application Notes

IPO - 8028  8036  8128  8180  8188/8186  8301  3226

CS1K - 8028  8180  8188  3226

Aura Communication Manager - 8036  8028  8180  3226

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Avaya Safe Campus

Algo's IoT endpoints form an integral part of Avaya's Safe Campus solution. IT administrators and staff responsible for physical security, voice and data infrastructure can fully manage and supervise all endpoint devices via the Avaya network and UC environment. From any phone or device, voice paging, alerting, notification, bell scheduling and security intercom is fully integrated for meeting day-to-day needs and emergency/safety requirements in a cross-section of verticals including manufacturing, education and health care. Video Overview

On a Smart Campus, Technology Becomes the Eyes and Ears of Safety